Covid-19 in Occitania. The ARS is concerned about a traffic jam to get vaccinated: here’s why

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) Occitanie expects traffic jams in vaccination centers. (©Illustration / Adobe Stock)

Watch out for caps! While the health pass becomes conditional on the booster dose for all people aged 18 and over from Saturday January 15, 2022, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Occitanie is concerned about a possible risk of traffic jam to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

Nearly two million people to be vaccinated

According to Pierre Ricordeau, in this mid-January, there are still 1.8 million people to be vaccinated in Occitania.

“We have a lot of appointments that are made. But there are also some available, ”assures the director general of ARS Occitanie who specifies that 300,000 slots were open on January and February. “And it opens every day! “, he adds. A necessity when we know that there is a renewed interest in vaccination.

Resumption of primary vaccination

In fact, in the region, 30,000 primary vaccinations were carried out in the first week of January. Since 1is September 2021, 370,000 people have taken the vaccination step. The booster dose was injected into 2.6 million inhabitants of the region.

For its part, the pediatric vaccination starts in a “moderate way”, admits Pierre Ricordeau. “Appointment openings and pediatric vaccination locations will increase in the coming weeks,” he promises.

“There may be traffic jams”

During a situation update, Thursday January 13, 2022, the director general of ARS Occitanie warned: “If our fellow citizens do not make appointments quickly, there is a risk of there being traffic jams before the legislative deadlines” .

Already mentioned above, the January 15 marks the first salvo of possible suspensions of the health pass. Indeed, from this date, the document will no longer be valid for all those who have not received their booster within seven months of their last dose.

Then the February 15, the time within which the recall must be made will be shortened. This third dose must be carried out in the month following eligibility, ie four months (and no longer seven) after complete vaccination.

“The risk is that people don’t make the appointment early enough. There, we would risk a traffic jam, ”repeats Pierre Ricordeau.

Wanting only Pfizer: “erroneous” reasoning

While some can take the risk of waiting until the last moment, others refuse to be inoculated with the vaccine. Modern. For this reason, they prefer to postpone their vaccination to try to have Pfizer/BioNTech. A reasoning that Pierre Ricordeau demolishes.

“You should not delay vaccination if you can’t find Pfizer. This is wrong reasoning because the risk of contamination is now. So the recall must be done now”.

Pierre RicordeauDirector General of ARS Occitanie

He specifies that certain studies have shown the interest of mixing the different vaccines against Covid-19. This would provide beneficial diversity at the antibody level.

Pierre Ricordeau concludes by assuring that “Pfizer and Moderna are equivalent”, while recalling that the last mentioned is not recommended for those under 30 years old.

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