Fifth.  The Prix du Forez at Vincennes this Saturday, January 15, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth. The Prix du Forez at Vincennes this Saturday, January 15, 2022. – Angers Info

The Prix du Forez at Vincennes this Saturday, January 15, 2022.

Direction Vincennes this Saturday January 15, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix du Forez will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 2700 meters, and endowed with 95,000€.

In this event, Cash du Rib (14) could not show his advantage while running very well in Bordeaux. He went the distance in a well-run race. He finds the big track where he is a little less at ease. That said, he will evolve unshod on all fours for a very interesting entry. He will have the possibility of going to Cagnes afterwards. He will be aiming for an allowance.

Geny’s secrets

Cedric Megissier: Foxtrot Sea (1) is taking a little longer than usual to regain its good level. That said, his latest performances aren’t that bad. Thus, lastly, he trots in 1’11, his value over 2,100 meters. There, he tackles the strong part. It’s more of a race to prepare for a next goal where he will be better placed. In addition, it remains closed. His task is too complicated to be at the finish.

Jean-Luc Bigeon: For You Madrik (2) has been quick to blame lately. Better to judge him on his second place at Cagnes-sur-Mer or his fourth place, at the start of the meeting, in a similar field. Its form is safe and it is coming back to a course that it appreciates. It would be risky to dismiss it.

Sebastien Guarato: Et Voilà de Muze (3) has given me complete satisfaction since his return to Paris-Vincennes. He could have finished closer to the end of November if he had had the opening earlier before confirming two weeks later. Evolving with a little freshness will not be a problem. He is in top form. We face some opposition but running beaten, he can still finish at the finish.

John Morice: Bleu Ciel (4) went to Corsica last year but had a good start, he seemed to have lost his spirits a little over the season. He came home a month ago. It looks very good to me. Of course, he may lack competition and rhythm but I expect a good performance. Then, we will probably return to the climb before he leaves for Belgium.

Mathieu Mottier: Delfino (5) is probably a little less efficient in winter and remains better at Enghien. That said, he has defended himself quite well in his last outings. In training, he looks good. Getting our revenge on Discoloration seems difficult. Elie de Beaufour is also a serious customer. We will aim for a place.

Jean Michel Baudouin: Fading (6) has really come back to the top and won twice recently with style. It goes up a little category. That said, she is competitive for the win. My main concern is Elie de Beaufour. It has lost none of its good form and must play a leading role.

Julien Le Mer: Fric du Chêne (7) was never able to express himself in the straight line on Sunday when he had the resources necessary to grab a place. As he did not have a trying race, I present him closely. He always looks on top. The opposition is tough but a place remains within reach, after a more favorable race than last.

Nico D’Haenens: Cicero Noa (8) wasn’t ready but didn’t perform badly for his comeback. He’s going to get on it. However, this commitment comes a little too quickly, only six days after his resumption of contact with the competition. In such a context, his task will be complicated.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Elie de Beaufour (9) won the Prix Jean Dumouch in good style last month by controlling the race. I unshod him four feet this time. He discovers a good closed engagement. He prepared in good conditions. Also, he is able to sue.

Alexandre Abrivard: Féerie Wood (10) has lost its luster as it ages and will enter stud after the winter. We changed the way we train him in order to boost his morale. On Saturday, she faces a favorable entry. Elie de Beaufour and Décoloration are serious customers but it seems to me able to grab a place.

Louis Baudron: Fire Cracker (11) got off to a bad start in Bordeaux, then had to progress for a long time. Moreover, he lacked preparation. Previously, at Le Mans, he had suffered a lung problem. I tried to prepare her as well as possible for this objective. He will be without restraint, as in some of his successes. Décoloration and Elie de Beaufour are serious customers, but I’m counting on it.

Matthew Abrivard: Duel du Gers (12) ran very well last time, at Bouscat, where it was not easy at twenty-five meters. He stayed in good shape. It’s not easy at this level, where the opposition is of quality. It has been a while since he was seen at Vincennes. I think it will suit him. If he has the right race, a place in the fifth is quite possible.

Ms Virginie Moquet: Blues d’Ourville (13) remains on performances which are not bad but it is starting to be complicated for him. Finally, it is always a little more difficult in the face of adversity. We’re trying to take advantage of the most favorable commitments he has left in France until March, but it’s complicated. We follow the rail and we still hope to take a sixth-seventh place.

Charles Cuiller: Elvis du Vallon (15) remains on a performance that is neither good nor bad. He hadn’t worked much since his previous attempt. He will definitely be more ready this time around. That said, we may have it a little less well at the moment. Depending on the result, we will see if we give him a short rest period. We will perhaps take a little more risk by leaving so as not to be too far from the lead.

Alexandre Abrivard: Brilliant Madrik (16) has long had to trot nose to wind, lately under saddle. During his previous outing, he won the 2,100 meters. He is taking part in one of his last races but he is still on top. Commitment is ideal. Admittedly, it faces good horses but it should still make us happy and finish in fifth.

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A summary: 5-7-3-9-6-11-16-10 The summary of the press: 6 – 5 – 7 – 3 – 11 – 12 – 16 – 9

Europe 1: 9-3-6-5-11-7-2-16
Equidia: 9-6-5-10-16-11-2-7
The Parisian :
Alsace: 9-6-5-12-3-10-11-16
Paris Turf: 9-6-5-11-14-3-7-16
RTL: 9-5-11-3-7-6-12-13


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